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Apartment renovations!

HBC has been working on a new building and renovation project – two complete apartment renovations.


The original single building, converted into two apartments before of the start of the works, was in a very poor technical condition. As such, our work started with the complete removal of the building interior, including partition walls, floors and everything in the middle – right up to the bricks on the party walls.




The next stage of the work was structural, consisting of the construction of new sidings, the construction of the new partition walls and the installation of beams needed to change the internal layout of the apartments.




A critical part of the project was a new roof installation and loft conversion – enlarging the building in a very effective way. The old roof was completely dismantled. HBC’s carpenters built new rafters for the new roof and assembled a massive dormer for the loft conversion. The pitched roofs were covered with high-quality clay tiles and flat roofs with a fibreglass roof system (with a 25-year warranty). Additionally, we installed a Velux window on the pitched roof and flat roof – flooding the space with natural light – and installed gutters at the front and rear of the building.






After completion of the structural work loft conversion, we were able to construct a single storey rear extension with a part pitched and part flat roof. This greatly increased the ground floor apartment living space.




The walls of the new building were built with light blocks with internal thermal insulation. The extension used a similar roofing system to the loft – fibreglass with a 25-year warranty.


Halat Building Contractors have now started internal finishing works in both of the apartments. If you are in need of apartment renovations in London be sure to get in touch with our team.