What Our Clients Say About Us...

Steve Weisner, Radcliffe & Newlands Ltd.

22nd June 2021


Myself and the other 3 freeholders of our Highgate property have been using the services of Halat Building Contractors over the last month.

The work has been problematic with limited access to the rear of the property and having to cope with the extreme weather conditions we’ve had over the Summer period.

Maciek and his team have been very hard working, turning up early and working long days. They have always been very friendly and polite and on hand to answer any questions. Seeing Maciek first hand I can see he is obviously very knowledgeable, reliable and competent. They have also stuck to the agreed budget which doesn’t always happen in my experience.
I would happily recommend Maciek and his team for anyone considering any building work or property renovation work.

Ilze Crouse, Sable Group

22nd June 2021


Sable recently needed a wing of its offices demolished and restored to its original state. I called Maciek who offered to come see me that same day to discuss our requirements. 

After we had accepted the quote Maciek and his workers got straight to work and completed the job within three days. Their work was exceptional, paying a great deal of attention to detail and ensuring that every bit of restoration was done perfectly. 

The workers were very polite and friendly, and went out of their way to assist us with little extras, such as the carpeting and removal of additional waste. 

We were extremely impressed with their level of professionalism, quality of work and would not hesitate to recommend Maciek to our contacts. We will definitely be making use of their services for any future building and partitioning requirements.  

Heath Gardiner, List of Life

22nd June 2021


I just wanted this opportunity to thank Maciek for his excellent service, I have some experience in the building industry, in that it’s my family business and I have spent most of my youth on building sites. 

Maciek has refurbished two bathrooms for me, in a rented property and one in my own property. And whilst it’s not the perfect size job for him, he tool the work on as if I was a massive client. 

Halat’s workers have been courteous and keep my house clean and tidy at all times, and each dyay when I have left I have checked the work, every time I have discovered that he does the job properly and has never cut corners even when it would take a very experienced eye to notice that. 

I would recommend them without hesitation.

Chris Randall, CR Consulting & Coaching

17th October 2013

Decoration & repair

I’m Chris Randall, the founder of CR Consulting & Coaching, helping business owners and manaers to find their fastest route to increase profits, maximise growth and have more fun working in their business.

I hired Maciek Halat of Halat Building Contractors in Novemeber 2012 to do some repair work for a client’s bathroom area. The quality of the work done was incredibly high, it took a very short amount of time to get the job done and even though it was only a relatively low value piece of work, Maciek took the same care and attention as if it was a 6 month project.

I’ve never used a builder who was as enjoyable to deal with, as cost effective nor as high quality as Halat Building Contractors.

I would urge anyone needing a high quality builder that gets the job done perfectly first time and on budget, to get in touch and work with Maciek at Halat Building Contractors.

Henry Campbell-Jones, Lewisham

22nd June 2021

Outside painting & repairs

Thank you for your efforts and the hard work of your team in completing the outside painting and repairs of our building in Lewisham. The work has been done to a very high standard and moreover in a very quick time scale, well within the time scale you quoted!

One of my co-freeholders, who had your guys in her flat for much of the time in order them to do the work, made a special comment about how courteous and polite they were. They worked long days with few and short tea breaks unlike many of the builders on other projects in our road.

All in all a sterling job!