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Ground Floor Renovation in Wanstead

Halat Building Contractors has started a new project at a property in Wanstead for a total renovation of the ground floor, including structural works.

Our preparatory works involved the removal of redundant walls, dismantled the kitchen and the kitchen ceiling. We also stripped the wallpaper from the walls and ceilings.

We then commenced structural work. The main job was the demolition of the kitchen chimney – opening the space between the kitchen and the living room. Several other walls in the kitchen were also demolished.

We installed several support beams for these works. For the new opening between the kitchen and the dining room we installed a box frame, which consists of un upper beam under the ceiling, two side beams called columns and a bottom beam mounted in a foundation under the floor. This box frame provides essential support for the base wall, which goes up to the first floor, and on which the roof is supported. In addition, we mounted two beams under the ceiling, one to support the chimney (which was removed) and the other to support the wall (which was also removed). All beams will be covered by the fire boards for fire prevention.

Additionally, we created a new opening for french doors leading out into the garden. As the building is not plastered from the outside – it is made of yellow London stocks bricks – the opening was made with the utmost caution to avoid damage to the brickworks. We also installed concrete lintels over the new opening to match the existing facade.

The next stage of work will be consist of electrical, plumbing and plaster-boarding – check back for our next blog!

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