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Stanmore extension continued

We completed the Stanmore extension project in the early November last year. The project involved building a single store extension, refurbishing the kitchen and building a patio and brick wall in the garden. We completed the extension project within nine weeks, despite the project’s scale and the very high-quality finish.


Plastering and Painting

The last three weeks of the project were spent working on the finishing touches which require high standards and attention to detail. We started the finishing works with plastering – essential for ensuring walls and ceilings are even and smooth after painting.

The next stage of works was the final painting of walls, ceilings and woodwork. We use three layers of high-quality paint as standard – in this case, we used Dulux products. This paint is high quality as well as being resistant to dirt and rubbing. The living room and kitchen were painted in different colours, and all ceilings painted in snow white – all according to the client’s wishes.


Plumbing and Electrical

After completing the painting work, we started the second installation of plumbing, which consisted of mounting the radiators and connecting kitchen equipment.

At the same time, the Halat Building Contractors’ electrician worked on the second installation of electrical works, which consisted of mounting downlights in the living room and kitchen, as well as mounting all switches and sockets. In the garden, we installed two outer lights an external double socket.

Inside the house, the final stage was to mount and paint the skirting boards to match the existing ones. They were finished with three paint layers; primer, undercoat and eggshell paint.


Patio and Inspection

The newly created garden patio was finished by laying paving onto a concrete ballast – which is a very good underlayment and protects paving against slipping or holes developing. We mounted a metal gate and an upper railing – which was welded by HBC employees – onto the newly constructed brick wall.

As with all our extension projects, Building Control made a final inspection – confirming the high quality of the work carried out by HBC. After completing the work, the customer also received a NIC EIC certificate for the new electric installation and a Gas Safe certificate for plumbing works.


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