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Completed extension and renovation works in Brixton

Brixton extension and renovation

HBC are currently working on a new extension and renovation project in Brixton. The main goal of this project is to develop a large open kitchen and dining space through internal structural changes and the construction of a back and side extension.


In addition to the main construction work, we offered our customer a comprehensive service including obtaining permits for structural works, drafting full technical documentation and developing plans for the entire reconstruction. This service – offered with all work – was carried out by Halat Building Contractor’s architect and structural engineers.


In addition to the works described above, Halat Building Contractors will renovate the entire property to make the building accessible to the needs of wheelchair users, which includes:


  • Widening of the main hall to a width of 1200 mm.
  • Reconstruction the hallway floor to provide an access ramp – removing all steps.
  • Construction of a new bathroom that meets the needs of people with disabilities
  • Reconstruction of all internal doors to meet requirements for wheelchair access

In this blog, however, we would like to focus on phase one of the project – the construction modifications of the building.


Construction of the Extension

This began with the demolition of a small old building located at the rear of the property, followed by construction of the new walls. These new walls provide strengthening which allowed us to demolish the internal walls – creating a new open plan kitchen and dining space.


Just before demolition, Halat Building Contractor’s employees installed props to support any removed walls. We subsequently replaced the temporary props with a steel framework – we used one large box frame and five beams in total. In addition to internal walls, we removed the chimney to make the most of the available space.


After completing the structural works, we finished the extension and renovation roof with four skylights – which very brightly illuminate the internal space below. We also installed a bi-folding garden door assembly.


Electrical and Plumbing Work

We then moved on to the finishing works: electrical wiring and plumbing installation as well as thermal insulation and drywall panelling on walls and ceilings.


Halat Building Contractor’s plumber installed underfloor heating throughout the extension and renovation connected to the new VALIANT boiler. After the installation of the underfloor heating pipes, the floor was poured, which are adapted to the underfloor heating system. A digital controller and thermostat were also installed to control the heating.


The Halat Building Contractor’s electrician mounted LED down-lighting in the kitchen and dining rooms. This created a bright, open space with a natural temperature of light. In addition, lighting was divided into sections controlled by several switches allowing the customer fine control to meet their needs.


Installing the Kitchen

After completing the paintwork, Halat Building Contractor’s carpenters installed a new kitchen (which also meets the needs of the disabled). This kitchen was installed with stone countertops. The centre island also includes an efficient extractor unit which emerges from the worktop behind the induction plate, removing steam and cooking smells from the building.


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