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Another project in Hither Green, South London

We are extremely proud to say that we have completed yet another project, in Hither Green, South London. Thanks to our efforts and hard work, London has received a beautiful, fully renovated and expanded house. This type of project is one of our specialities i.e. full renovation works, building or rear extension, the building of loft conversion, structural, thermal improvements and damp-proof works.

We worked on this project during a very difficult period in the coronavirus pandemic which involved several national lockdowns. However, these difficulties did not discourage us and as a result, the project was made to a very high standard with full customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, during the first lockdown, there were some difficulties in the delivery of materials and equipment but our trained and qualified staff dealt with these problems and essential equipment was delivered on time for our team to continue to work without disruptions. However, we were forced to introduce procedures to our company that complied with the rules for companies operating in the construction sector, which were set out by the government relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, in order to continue this project in the safest way possible, we introduced new standard rules which complied with the rules set out by the government. All of our employees had been trained to follow the new rules mentioned above. The construction site has been equipped with disinfectants, hand washing gels and protective face masks. Of course, this is the first time our company had to deal with these regulations but due to HBC’s good organisation and planning, all of our staff managed to adapt rapidly.

In this project, we have provided our full service, from A to Z, so that our client didn’t have to employ any other professionals for parts of the job such as electricians, plumbers or roofers, this means that our service was 100% completely done by us. Our main task during this project was to fully satisfy the needs and demands of our client and architect. This consisted of changing the standard 3 bedroom terrace house, with one bathroom, into a more spacious, practical house in which there were 4 bedrooms, a large, open-plan kitchen, dining room and 2 bathrooms, this didn’t exist before we begun to work on this project. In order to meet the mentioned requirements, we had to expand the house and we had to make several structural upgrades inside of it. The extension of the house consisted of building a one-story extension from the side of the garden, removing the internal walls between the old kitchen and dining room. This allowed us to construct a new kitchen with an open plan and dining room plus additional space which we received by building an additional extension. All in all, we created a lot of space for the new kitchen and dining room as well as a new utility room and toilet space.

The new extension has a window and a large-sized bi-folding garden door, which combined with the installation of two large roof windows, provided a good and sufficient amount of daylight to the new kitchen and dining room, the extra sunlight also illuminated the living room which was in the middle of the grand floor. In the new open space, we installed a kitchen with a stone worktop. The floor in the open plan kitchen and dining room was covered with natural stone tiles, which had to be impregnated immediately after installation. Before installing the new tiles, we installed underfloor heating in the dining room and kitchen which was connected to the central heating of the house but was controlled by a separate smart control. In this house, we also installed a whole new heating system with a new boiler and hot water cylinder. This system, as well as underfloor heating, are controlled by smart controllers, with the possibility of operating heating and hot water via smartphone applications.

As mentioned above, the property has also been equipped with a utility room and a toilet on the ground floor, which didn’t exist before HBC began working here. Both of these new rooms are very important, inseparable and also a very practical element of any fully renovated and functional home. They also allow modern families to fully function and live in a practical, comfortable manner. The next major modernisation of the house involved constructing an additional floor i.e. a loft conversion which provided extra space for the fourth bedroom including a bathroom on this new floor.

During the construction of the loft conversion, we installed a completely new roof with new rafters, tiles and new gutters. In the front part of the sloping/ pitched roof, we installed two Velux roof windows. These windows naturally illuminated the new fourth bedroom, which is extremely important for day to day functioning in the room. From the garden side of the new bedroom in the loft, we made a large opening to the tall door on Juliette balcony including the installation of a glass railing. As a result, this gave a beautiful, wonderful view to the outside of the garden.

Furthermore, in the loft, we also installed a very nice and impressive bathroom with wonderful and beautiful brass taps. This bathroom has, in addition to the standard window, a skylight. Under the roof windows, we have several lockers, which are necessary for storing various teams in a secure and non-disturbing way.

Our carpenters also made some wardrobes and these were made at the construction site. We installed the biggest wardrobe in the new bedroom in the loft. Moreover, we have also made several wooden units in the living room, on the ground floor, to store children’s toys and opal tress for the new fireplace.

In addition to the above-mentioned works, the old part of the house had undergone a complete renovation, therefore when combined with the new additional parts of the house, HBC has met the demands of our client and the architect. This house has been expanded and renovated in a very thoughtful way with visual and technical details so that this house will be able to serve our customers for many years without the need for any renovation or modernisation work.